The moron Trump thinks he owns the presidency

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When an English professor asked via Twitter, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in London if Trump was ‘genetically engineered to be stupid’ it was as close as anyone could come to capturing the true essence of the dangerous dunce occupying the White House.


We may never know if the motivations for Trump’s many demonstrable acts of stupidity were genetic, specially engineered, learnt or due to what Dan Rather described as a psychological disturbance in the man. But what the world certainly does now know is that Trump fully embraces his stupidity to such a stunning degree of boastful arrogance that it can only be concluded that he does not know that he is a walking, talking, shoving, tweeting blithering idiot.


Since his election and during the first four months of his presidency an iron curtain of hate has fallen all across America; from the tip of Florida to the coastal areas of Washington state. This is not surprising because it is what he preached and it is what close to 63 million ‘sensible’ Americans saw as their choice and ‘politically incorrect’ way forward.


If his strutting on the domestic stage like a rooster with only a crow, no spur and misdirected potency was seen as mildly embarrassing on home soil, once he decided to travel abroad he began to poison all that America had spent the last 70 plus years (for good and bad) building up as its role in global leadership.


The global community began to laugh. At him. At the foolish Americans who elected him.


And slowly they saw how easy it was for stupidity at that level to transform itself into real danger for a world community already poised on many edges of despair, desperation and deep religious and tribal divisions.


It ran true to form that his first foreign trip would be to Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy where its people have zero human rights. As much as he was the bully to Muslims just so long as he was on American soil, the coward in him on Islamic soil made him fairly benign as he sucked up to his fellow despots in the home of Muhammad.


Then he touched down on European soil and the real Trump resurfaced. Pushing, shoving, sticking out his chin and bullying his way to front-page prominence. The autocrat knows that those who subscribe to civility are but putty in his hands. So he mocked and vilified them, knowing that, unlike in Saudi Arabia, he ran no risk of him the infidel having his hand chopped off.


He refused to commit fully to NATO because he wanted it, the presidency and all that it entailed to be all about him. Like a child with many colored marbles in his pocket, once he returned to Washington, he dared the rest of the world to guess what the colours were on his full commitment to the Paris Accord on global warming.


His final decision was a surprise only to fools still harbouring the hope that underneath the empty suit is someone else other than a 70 year old degenerate bully who believes that America gave him the presidency to take home and play with it, like a sicko kid pulling the wings off a butterfly.


It will be his time in the barrel this week as Jim Comey, the former head of the FBI takes the stand and step by methodical step, strips away the veil that has covered up this illegitimate presidency.


We know he can give it but can he take it. Watch him crumble to bits this weekend.

Mark Wignall

Mark Wignall

As one of Jamaica’s most read columnists if not the most read, Mark Wignall began with a brief stint writing for Jamaica’s oldest and most respected publication, the Gleaner - it's Sunday edition...
Mark Wignall

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