The Press must push back against the deviant behavior of Warmington

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It is I think more significant than an accident of nature that, without his spectacles, South West St. Catherine MP Everald Warmington shares a facial resemblance to the former African despot, international disgrace and human misfit of Uganda, ‘Field Marshal’ Idi Amin Dada.


It is not inconceivable that nature has been urging us to peer more deeply into the soul of this obviously troubled man and accept that his openly rude and revolting behavior in the House but especially to members of the press ought to result in him being tarred and feathered by that same press since his own party, the JLP, is deathly afraid to upbraid him over the numerous instances of his thuggish antics.


Ten years ago after Eddie Seaga had resigned as JLP party leader, a number of overjoyed young politicians in the JLP telephoned me and requested that I join them in a gathering in celebration of Seaga’s exit.


Later as I entered the mansion housing the gathering a politician immediately handed me the original letter which was sent to the JLP Secretariat by Seaga. I began to read it while I was standing near to a group of people. Also seated nearby was Everald Warmington and the week before I had had reason to criticize him in an Observer column.


Before I could read to the second paragraph the man who seemingly aced the course in loutish behavior got up out of the chair and without warming, rudely grabbed away the letter from me. I stood there frozen, finding it most difficult to believe that a constituency representative could be capable of such tasteless and vulgar behavior.


Some of my political acquaintances nearby led me away and presented me with a copy. One of them mentioned something which sounded like, ‘Idiot man dat.’ What was the point of grabbing away the letter if so many copies were available? Simple. In the troubled mind of Warmington, without a display of crassness, he would not be able to fully express his personality and his character and rid himself of his inner torment.


It’s like a man living in a densely packed tenement yard and as he awakes in the morning he invites anger into his life. He does so because inside of him, it is ripping out his guts. He states aloud, ‘A want a rass man fuck wid mi things them today. Mek a buss up a buay claat!’


Last Friday in front of press cameras and microphones he unloaded on a female reporter who is an intern. Bad words galore and menacing behavior. After it happened and the realty of its impact in the public domain hit him he did a pretend apology.


To those who had never seen this boorish man apologize, it was new to them and, when he blamed it on the prescription drugs he was taking for his neck problems, a few were prepared to believe him. Not so for me. I knew the modus operandi. It was simply a casual and convenient bit of contrition.


At the beginning of this week after JLP party insiders had informed me that he was preparing to lodge a vote against Andrew Holness continuing as Opposition Leader, on his arrival at the Belmont Road address of JLP headquarters, a rage of hysterics stirred again in his troubled system.


Totally unafraid,uncaring of and oblivious to the embarrassment it would do to him and the party he represented, in the presence of cameras he stuck out and up his middle finger in his effort to convey, ‘up yours!’ to the media.


Seasoned journalists are quite used to rude politicians especially those who have upended the version of ‘servant of the people’ into ‘I am the big boss so quake in my presence.’ But Warmington is a special case and I use the word ‘special’ as it would be termed to describe ‘special needs’ children.


Like the hopelessly crass and misogynistic Donald Trump in his quick rise to the top of the GOP field in its Primaries, Warmington is a product of the environment ( the JLP) which nurtured him by failing to rein him in.


The truth is, when close to 40 members of the JLP who contested the 2011 elections are slotted in the column as ‘also ran,’ the 20 plus who won demand to be treated as the first among the equals and, any equity that we theorize they share with us mere mortals is just that- a theory designed to mislead the dupes among us.


It is for this reason that I am suggesting that the bolder persons in the media who can exercise journalism beyond more reportage should design a campaign ( not party political) to separate Warmington from his seat.


Surely such a man who has invested much of his life to abusing the simple trust of public decency and cluttering up the public domain with the outward results of his inner turmoil deserves nothing less than been treated as the pariah who has infected the body politic.


The press must call him out and be unafraid to use harsher language than before. The former Ugandan despot, Idi Amin had his moments of pretend charm in the public domain when in private he was committing acts which were anything but ‘charming.’


Mr. Warmington needs to enter a figurative boxing ring where, for the first time he will face off with an opponent in his weight class. Used as he is to taking on innocent and partly scared young female reporters, it is time for someone to give him that TKO when next he bullies a nation.

Mark Wignall

Mark Wignall

As one of Jamaica’s most read columnists if not the most read, Mark Wignall began with a brief stint writing for Jamaica’s oldest and most respected publication, the Gleaner - it's Sunday edition...
Mark Wignall
  • markwignall

    Diehard partisans are quite strange. One such who was discussing the blog post on Facebook vehemently disagreed with me that the JLP shares some responsibility for Warmington’s nasty behavior by not calling him out over the years. He blames his behavior on his family connection to the prime minister. Wow!

  • Craig

    As long as he keeps winning his seat he will not change his ways.