If security operations fail, JLP will be under electoral pressure later

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Jamaica is set to embark on another of the numerous security initiatives that was designed to lead to our country being a better place to walk around in, hang out, work, live in, and engage in idle chatter.


Our people are sick and tired of shooting after shooting. Here is the deal. Many of us know that if our noses are clean there is no gunman out there writing our name on a bullet. We know that many of the murders are turf wars or hit jobs.


The bigger deal is, the murders have spread to many places where previously, they never used to happen. So the concern is, in the madness, how is one to know when ones community will soon come under threat. The shots may not have your name on them but that does not mean that you should feel comfort as they whizz by in your community.


In the immediate aftermath of the ‘clear and hold’ aspect of the Zones of Special Operations, there is to be the ‘build’ bit. What exactly is that raft of social interventions intended to do or to change?


Will it be to build the self esteem of the many thousands of young men wasting away their lives in unemployment?


Will it be to build out and take away the negatives young women feel as many wallow in social and economic deprivation?


Why is it that the ‘build’ aspect sounds like so much powder that cannot be moulded in the hands to form anything workable?


Opposition Leader Peter Phillips has taken on the role of a caged canary resting on the laurels of his inability to whistle a tune. In the recent SW St. Andrew contest his name was like an afterthought. Who knows, months from now that may well turn out to be a most prudent move.


What the SW St. Andrew contest showed was a party trying to dish out leadership creds when there is no vacancy. It is like Bunting and Paulwell were sharing up the legacy while their old uncle isn’t even in the hospital with a headache. And with no dead body, there was no need to read a will.


For this reason Phillips needs a political in. And that could only come from the JLP administration’s spectacular failure on the Zones of Special Operations. Continued increases in the murder rate. Too many reports of suspicious extra judicial killings. Too much added and unwanted wear and tear between the security forces and the citizenry.


Hardly anyone is talking anymore about the JLP $1.5 million tax let-off which many say, got that party elected. No one is taking about civil service retrenchment. So, Dr. Peter Phillips will need a hot button item to pounce on, that is, if he has any political pounce left in him.


Andrew Holness is so looking forward to that time of political redemption where he has his best chance of chalking up an extra five or six seats. He doesn’t want to be the one to call it. Time will do that for him.


Peter Phillips is in political dog years. Each one will look like seven and 2020 will look like an eternity.


Holness needs a big success in the Zones operations and in the continued growth of the BPO sector. Phillips needs the whole house to come tumbling down, not because he is malevolent but, politics wills that it be so.


Mark Wignall

Mark Wignall

As one of Jamaica’s most read columnists if not the most read, Mark Wignall began with a brief stint writing for Jamaica’s oldest and most respected publication, the Gleaner - it's Sunday edition...
Mark Wignall
  • Lloyd D’Aguilar

    Mark my friend: ZOSO cannot be a success. And if it is a success then Andrew Holness will be going before some court to answer for the crimes committed by the security forces which he assured us won’t happen. So either way ZOSO is a failure for Andrew Holness and the JLP. It matters NOT whether the PNP or the JLP is in power … they are the SAME thing. FAILURES and a disgrace. What you should be doing to enhance the discussion by focusing on how to get employment for the 50% of youth who are unemployed; how to attack illiteracy and functional illiteracy; exposing ALL the politicians in parliament who are CORRUPT and boxing food out of poor people’s mouth. Indeed ZOSO could be a success if it were to declare a curfew around Parliament and lock up the criminal gang members and DISMANTLE that gang that has constitutional protection… and by the way the anti gang legislation now creates an opportunity to go after them. The Peter vs Andrew or JLP vs PNP is tired and boring. And by the way you mention suspicious extrajudicial killings: You need to probe whether a lot of the “suspicious” killings are being done by police death squads in plain clothes… using gang warfare as a cover, and themselves extorting from scammers and then killing them to prevent being exposed. This is the kind of discussion URGENTLY needed at this time.

    • Why not take the info you have in regards to these criminal cops to the authorities, the FBI has an office in Jamaica if you don’t trust the local police

  • marel

    Lloyd you and Mark are just seeking relevance…you are carrying a huge belly for the govt over the Tivoli enquiry and Mark is just dissapointed that his beloved Sis P lost to Andrew

    • Lloyd D’Aguilar

      Not sure what huge belly means. Mark is my friend but please don’t mix us up. We don’t need it.